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Gourmet Living

Gourmet Living is a celebration of life!  It is the joy of appreciating both the individual instruments and the harmony created when they play a sympathy together.  It is tasting the subtle colors of a sunset.  It is engaging the attack, evolution and finish of your favorite wine as you relax and reflect on what’s great about being alive.  It is the love and intimacy of your relationship tangibly experienced.   It is centered mindfulness applied to the finer things in life enjoyed as a celebration of living.

Gourmet Living on a Budget

Gourmet Living is far more a mindset than it is a lifestyle you can purchase.  To get there mentally you must manage or transcend your stress and craving and you must wake up! and smell the roses, so to speak.  A few years ago I wanted to better understand the idea of abundance vs. need so I took a voluntary vow of poverty and went on a walkabout.  For nine months I shadowed and paralleled the US homeless.  I learned a lot of things on that adventure, I recall realizing that sleeping on the street isn’t the bottom rather facing possible death by malnutrition, thirst or easily curable disease in a third world situation must be pretty close to the bottom.  This was an interesting realization for me in a number of ways and the one that fits here is even while sleeping on the street or in cheap motels I had much to be grateful for, I had many reasons to celebrate life!  So, why aren’t you celebrating life?  If you’re not chances are it’s because you’re not facing into the reality of your situation and you want it to be something different.

I returned from my walkabout without much of the shopping gene left in me.  Along the way I taught myself to listen to music in a way that I actually heard it, felt it and experienced it!  In fact I drank it in until I came to know what music sound quality actually meant.  After doing some research and trying a variety of equipment I settled on a personal MP3 player called the Sansa Clip +, about a $50 purchase.  To this I added some music I took the time to sample and grade rejecting much of it before downloading the rest, mostly for free.  I have better equipment than that today but I rarely listen to it because this cute little player is so convenient and the sound quality is so good.  It brings me so much enjoyment and I share that enjoyment by giving them to people I love.

I also love wine.  I’m pretty old school about it, I love Cab, Merlot and an occasional Zinfandel so I purchase them at discount by buying mix and match six at a time my neighborhood Albertsons.  Three of them are well under $10 a bottle; Fetzer, Blackstone and Red Diamond.  I wouldn’t take these wines over to my well to do friends houses for dinner but I like all three as well as the wines typically served at their country clubs!  It took time and effort to try different wines to settle on three that bring joy beyond their modest price but it was so worth the investment!