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People downsize for a variety of reasons as a planned life transition and it can be pretty disruptive but when economic reality forces it on you unexpectedly, or you find yourself in a slow motion slide heading toward possible homelessness or hunger it can be a traumatic and/or paralyzing experience!  The last downturn wasn’t kind, I found myself coaching many in this dilemma.  Leaving what you had and downsizing to something less a grieving process.  Fortunately there are ways to ease the pain and shorten the cycle while speeding recovery.  Some of the people I talked to feared literal homelessness.  Others found themselves packing a fraction of their stuff and moving from affluent lifestyles into rented apartments or rented rooms!

Gourmet Living in a rented room?  Yes, it’s possible!  I downsized from a very nice lake view home to a bedroom in my mother’s house, she was suffering from Alzheimer’s and I became her care giver for a couple of years.  So I understand some of the challenges involved.  The lack of privacy is a big issue so the room is mostly used for sleeping only.  But eating out all the time gets old and gourmet restaurant food isn’t in a rented room person’s budget.  Fortunately home cooking is!  This situation sparked an interest in dorm room cooking which has turned out to be kind of a fun hobby for me.  To be honest I never really cooked in a bedroom but it could be done.  Instead I researched what was available and tried the cooking appliances that would make it possible.  I now own a Breville Smart Toaster Oven (about $200 with a Bed bath and Beyond 20% off coupon).  It isn’t a small toaster oven but you can make almost anything in it that you can make in a full size oven!  So far I’ve made beef stew, roast beef, baked potato and a cake.  I also have a single burner induction portable cooktop ($42 on sale.  You need one with a lot of low temperature simmer power choices.) so that’s my stove, a Presto electric fry pan (maybe $30?) consider it the equivalent of second burner and a Presto Griddle (Maybe $25? Think teppanyaki not just pancakes!).  You won’t have room for all of this in a single room and you can probably only use then one at a time or you will trip the breaker but I wanted to see how useful this stuff would be.  Finally I bought a 2 qt. crockpot on sale at Target for $10.  If you’re living in a single bedroom I’d start with the crockpot and also think about a habatichi or grill for outside.  There is also a $120 sous vide solution by plugging a crockpot into a temperature controller .

Long ago I owned a kitchen remodeling company.  As you may know most kitchens are sized and built for making Thanksgiving dinner for a large family.  If you pay attention you will see that most home cooks rarely use more than two stove burners at a time yet they own between 4 and 6 of them!  In addition they can easily do without one side of their double sink.  I’m convinced that a very nice gourmet kitchen can be assembled on a single 7 or 8 ft. wall using some of the inexpensive appliances above.  I was eying a 400 sq. ft. living space made up of two bedrooms a short hall and a bath between to create a Gourmet Living apartment but it isn’t in the cards at the moment.  Let me know if you are in this situation and we can talk through it.

Being stuck in a small living space with limited privacy can be a very depressing situation but a few bucks and a little creativity can brighten your day with a fun cooking project and some tastily home made comfort or health food.


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