Psycho-Spiritual Life Coaching

For Centered Living


My name is Howard Dirkson, I coach individuals and couples located in the LA basin.  The first discussion is free.  After a few face to face sessions we can often move to Skype or telephone to help reduce the cost and inconvenience of meeting, but additional face to face sessions may be required if we get into deeper work.  $150/hr is a typical fee.  10 hours may be purchased in advance for $1,200, a 20% discount.  $250 a month is a typical retainer for 3 or 4 Skype or phone sessions typically lasting 30 to 45 minutes each.  Sliding scale rates are available based on ability to pay and I’ve been known to work pro bono or trade coaching for a sandwich or a bowl of soup for those who are truly in need.

I’ve coached a number of people who are also seeing a psychotherapist at the same time.  This generally works out very well because we typically have a different focus and tend to uncover different issues.  These issues can then be worked through with the therapist and covered by insurance.

I can be reached at 801-462-6834 or