Psycho-Spiritual Life Coaching

For Centered Living

Centered mindfulness and how Life Coaching can help you get there.

Centering is the process of removing internal tension by aligning ourselves psychologically and spiritually.  Mindfulness is centered awareness.   It’s easy to define and fun to talk about but it’s often hard to do!  Sometimes it’s about unfulfilled desires or past regrets, often it involves conflict with others or issues we’re afraid to face.  As we move through life sometimes we get stuck because our past coping skills are no longer adequate for the situations we find ourselves in.  Often we are too close to the problems to see good solutions and we become overwhelmed by them!  This is human nature and much of our internal conflict occurs between our subconscious and conscious minds, or between what we were taught in the past and how that now-obsolete philosophy fails to work well for us in the present.  So we can become stuck, anxious, unhappy or depressed often leaving much of our personal potential untapped.

A coach sees things you are unaware of and communicates them to you in a way that allows you to improve your game.  I’m learning to play golf and at this point I’m pretty sure the human body was not designed to move in the ways the sport demands!  Change your grip to this, she says kindly.  Bend your knees!  Follow through!  I’m being coached by a woman who is much better and more experienced at the game than I.  It feels very awkward at first and sometimes embarrassing especially when I miss completely or the ball goes somewhere unintended, but I hang in there and my skills begin to improve!  Life coaching works in a similar way.  We talk about what’s going on in your life and ways to improve your game.  Sometimes like golf it means changing what you are currently doing, sometimes it means understanding how your current behavior is tied to your past and often it means resolving tension between you and others or between your subconscious and conscious minds.  Like golf, as your skills improve you begin to enjoy the game!

I have a long term interest in psychology and spirituality which I combine with insight, intuition and inspiration to help you better understand yourself and your options through affordable Life Coaching.  Together we work through your issues to better align your beliefs and desires with the goal of achieving peace through centered mindfulness.